I am pleased to announce the first western Canadian contact on the 2200m band! The QSO was completed yesterday on 137.754 kHz. ( July 10th) betweenmyself, VE7SL (Mayne Island, BC - CN88) and Scott Tiley, VE7TIL (Vancouver, BC - CN89), a distance of approximately 50km.

At the time of our initial two-way QSO, Scott's transmitter consisted of a homebrew DDS exciter using a Darlington-pair final running about 1W output.
My transmitter was also homebrewed, using a crystal controlled exciter into a single FET amplifier at 100W out. Both of us used similar antenna systems for transmitting, a loaded three-wire flattop 'T' . On receive, both stations used small backyard loop antennas.

Being the only 2200m activity west of Ontario, it is hoped that our efforts will stimulate more interest in LF on the west coast and western provinces.
As well, we are both working towards improvements in antenna systems and increased power levels for the upcoming winter season.

73...Steve McDonald / VE7SL