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And finally this week, the ARRL Board Meeting was not the only place where things were ham radio changes were happening last week. Another was the nation of Somalia which has acted to grant its ham radio population a power increase to 3 kilowatts. Thats right. We said 3000 Watts and thats 3000 P-E-P for SSB and 3000 watts average for other modes. Somalia is also letting hams use of the 88 to 108 Mhz band for F-M and permitting Amateur Television broadcasts to be conducted on any unoccupied standard VHF or UHF television channel. WIA newscaster Graham Kemp, VK4BB, has more:

Yes the Ministry of Information, Telecommunication and Culture in Somalia has made these changes and more as part of action to implement the W-R-C 2003 accords.

And the Ministry has also made additional frequency allocations for amateur radio experimenters in Somalia. Radio Amateurs in that nation can operate on additional bands including Zero to 9 Kilohertz, from 70 to 90 Kilohertz and 130 to 190 Kilohertz. On Medium Wave frequencies include 495 to 526 Kilohertz, while on the High Frequencies the hams of Somalia get 5.060 to 5.450 MHz and 26.100 to 29.700 MHz excluding 27.995 the sliver band from to 27.999.

This Ministry is promoting Somalia as the best holiday and research destination for visiting radio amateurs. This, as a way of attracting skilled people to help the local Somali people become ham radio operators. Abdikariim Ali Sulatn in Puntand State Somalia confirmed again that Aussie Amateur Sam Voron, 6OA, will continue to conduct ham radio license qualifying courses and issue amateur radio licenses free of charge "in the name of this Ministry" until a national Somali Amateur Radio Society is formed.

And, oh yes. If you are planning to go there, a Somali Visitors Amateur Radio License is now issued to any class of overseas amateur radio license holder as a courtesy. It is free of charge and issued for life unless canceled by the Somali Government. Talk about an inducement to visit a far off land.

Reporting for the Amateur Radio Newsline, I'm Graham Kemp, VK4BB, for the WIA News, in Brisbane, Australia.

According to a Somali spokesman, as of now, no other country provides radio amateurs with more frequencies or a higher transmitter power output. He added that Somalia welcomes visiting radio amateurs from throughout the world. (WIA News)