From: Laurence KL1X
Date: Sunday, July 11, 2004, 9:21:01 AM

Dave Ive just posted some photos of the 3d2 acitivity onto the home web site. Its all Palm trees and mossies at Pacific Harbour, regarded as the wettish, greensih and mosquitoe ridden places, bar the scottish highlands ive even been too. It was a lovely LF location and for most of the time the S meter on 137 Khz didnt move off S2. The Mountains to the North run to around 3000ft and nothing to be sneezed at. Earthing was interesting with Soapstone bedrock only 1.5m below soil level but, man, was it wet and I drove a 2 inch scaffold pole into it and was getting 30db back to front on some LF signals.

At night I listened to a plethera of MW stations from Zl and VK plus 1Khz interfering tones from who knows where, augmented by reasonable signals from US time signals on 60Khz. Other ham acitivity was on 18Mhz CW but time was very short given the Raleigh requirements.

Driiving to the airport (NADI) at Fiji dusk in my hire car with the car radio on AM proved interesting but I must admit most of the ZL/VK Am stations talked about Rugby. ....Again a huge number of hetrodynes from, Im presuming the US/SA.

DcF39 on 138.83 was Kind of interesting - It was, Im thinking just there for +24 hours and didnt seem to peak in any better direction (one of the nice things about the k9ay and the big tunable null in the back) - Night or day within a few dBs it was always there. Ive mulled this over with Alan NYK and Im not 100% sure it was DCF, but given past experiences around the world I cant see it being anything else - other dB or 2 and I would have nailed it but it never got to what I could call a positive id. Ive virtually ruled out
SMPU noiz. Being only a few Degs South of the equator out ionosphere was definately equatorial in nature and the pre dawn LF "lift" conincided with a sudden and rapid pre dawn reduction of the OWF on our HF "commercial" Fiji interisland links

The 36m K9AY terminated loop was more than outstanding and I used this as my main rx on LF and HF. on the Hifer band 13.555Mhz it outperformed the wideband dipole at 15m s/n wise. My silent keys fathers FRG100 proved a superb and stable LF Rx resource and will be my lighterweight receiver of choice for the next trip, likely to be in the fall to location- Coyhaique/Chile Region 10/11 in Southern Chile Patagonia.

ZM2E/Zl6QH proved an excellent X band partner though I must admit Im going to ask for more inter-element spacing next time.....I failed misreably at their DFCW message(s) and should have played with argo sens and speed. Ill know better next time.

Im waiting for confirm from zl4ol on my captures of his qrss sigs.

Sheri gets back from Fiji in 48 hours time having extended her stay with Raleigh

Cheers Laurence