Date: Sun, 01 Apr 2007 19:57:51 +0800
From: David, VK6DI
Subject: LF: ZM2E RX'd in VK6: Sunday, 1015, 1045 & 1115 UTC ...

A temporary hookup of a PA0RDT Mini-whip some 15 feet AGL, and a very LF deaf FT-920 RX yielded what appears to be ZM2E on 137.776 kHz. [] Home TV QRM has now increased my LF reception difficulties, however 3 earlier captures are available for viewing from the URL below - VK6DI Captures:

Date: Wed, 04 Apr 2007 08:30:11 +0800
From: David, VK6DI
Subject: Re: LF: Re: ZM2E RX'd in VK6:

Mike McAlevey ZL4OL wrote:
>> thanks for the captures of reception of ZM2E. I don't recall our
>> signals having been captured in VK6 before. Any sign of an amateur LF allocation over there?

Hi Mike,
To the best of my knowledge nobody in VK6 has ever really listened seriously on 137 kHz in the past. Certainly RX'ing a signal on 137 on my first attempt was a very satisfying event for me!

The WIA has applied for a 505 ~ 515 kHz MF allocation - 600M seems to be a band with some interesting possibilities.

I understand that for VK LF TX operations a special experimental license would be required. A small number of such licenses have been granted in the past. I am unaware of any recent VK activity on LF however.

Thanks for helping provide the signal from ZM2E! It was a worthwhile exercise.

David, VK6DI, OF88cd.