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Subject: LF Ham Operation in Germany
Date: 97-08-25
From: David W. Johnson
I am SURE you will be interested in this!
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Date: Fri, 22 Aug 97 14:02:30 -0700
From: Peter
Subject: Lowfers in Germany active!
Message-Id: 11244_jpl-gw
From: dj8wl@w6vio (Peter)

Hi Dave,
you remember me? You sent me some Lowfer-materials last year....
Thanks again!
M e a n w h i l e w e m a d e it ! ! !

Two stations got permission to operaten between 135.7 ... 137.8 kHz
in DL: DA0LF (me) and DA0VLF (DL1VDL). The licences were issued
at the end of June 1997 and are valid till the end of this year.
There will be no other licences granted...
Data: 100 watts (no specification whether EIRP or TX-power, we assume
TX-power), all modes as long as the bandwidth is not wider than
the window specified.
No antenna restrictions !
Transmissions permitted on n.i.b. (non interference basis).
Report requested by issuing authority (BAPT) about QRM (!)-
situation on LF.
So far the good news. You might forward this info to the American
Lowfers community - if you happen to have connex with them. Would
appreciate your help. Thanks.
I am running tests at the moment with 7 watts rf into my 160m in-
verted L antenna resonated with baseloading coil of 3.6 mH.
Copied my signal with 559 in 50 kilometers distance. It can be
heard in a distance of abt. 100 km...
First QSO took place at the end of June during the HAMRADIO
convention at Friedrichshafen/Lake Constance, South Germany
between DA0LF and DA0VLF.

Hope you can spread this info to all.
It will not be possible to cross the pond, but who knows...


Peter/DJ8WL (DA0LF on 137.7 kHz)
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