From: G3LDO
To: Ed Lesnichy
Subject: Re: ???
Date: Sun, 2 Nov 2003 11:58:01

Dear Ed
>>I can't find a date for the first 73kHz QSO, maybe G3LDO knows? ;-)
1st 73kHz A1 contact, G3XDV-G3LDO/P 14/02/97 1300UTC distance 175m!
First DX 73kHz A1 contact G4JNT-G3LDO 23/8/97 0730UTC, 57km
First contact using QRSS between G4JNT and G3PLX on 3rd August 1997 on 72.09kHz. (QRSS100) 393km. This contact used hardware specifically designed for the experiment - the soundcard approach came later.
My best A1 73kHz DX is a 73kHz/136kHz with OH1TN, 14/3/2000 at 2035.
Had many 73kHz/136kHz contacts with EU stations.

>>also abt First 136kHz QSO...
>>01/02/1998 first G two-way A1 136kHz QSO between G3GRO and G3LDO on CW??
1st 136kHz contact, cross band G3LDO on 136.2, G4GVC on 3506kHz , 30/1/98 at 1230UTC
1st 136.8kHz two-way, A1, G3GRO-G3LDO 1/2/98 0915UTC
Regards, Peter, G3LDO