Department of Trade and Industry
Wireless Telegraphy Act 1949
Notice of Variation of Amateur Radio Licence (A) or (B)

The Secretary of State hereby gives notice to holders of the Amateur Radio Licence (A) or (B) ("the Licence") pursuant to section 1(4) of the Wireless Telegraphy Act 1949 that as from the date hereof, eachLicence shall be varied as follows:
1. In this Notice "the Booklet" means the Amateur Radio Terms, Provisions and Limitations Booklet BR68, the terms of which form part of the Licence.
2. The Licence shall be read and construed as if: the following band were inserted in the schedule to the Booklet before the 1.810-1.830MHz band:
Secondary. Available on the basis of non-interference to other services (inside or outside the United Kingdom).
(Not allocated)
0 dBW erp
Morse Telephony RTTY Data Facsimile SSTV

On behalf of the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry
30 January 1998