From: "Graham" <>
To: <>
Date: Sun, 1 Jan 2012 23:35:35 -0000
Subject: LF: Come the New Year cometh a new data mode

Come the New Year cometh a new data mode
In a changing technical world, perhaps not being an expert allows you to ask questions that may not be considered technically elegant; such was the case …..
Passing by unnoticed on 30/12/2011 on 137.5 from 20:00z was a set of variable length pulses over a 8 minuet repeating every 5 minuets, in essence a test transmission of a new data mode, from Gary G4WGT with the intent of crossing the pond to Joe V01NA, using a transmitting station that could be described as the standard MK1 UK back garden VLF Array.
A 12 meter end fed vertical with a contemporary 2 meter square wire capacity hat, fed via matching transformer and 400 watt class d amplifier .. ERP maximum? may be round 300mW , certainly well below the 1 W erp max.
Rain had reduced the safe power level to some 200 watts at the start of the tests, decodes from UK where achieved, but as the monitoring computer Joe VO1NA uses, is not web linked, no confirmation could be expected till much later of a decode, or use made of the internet chat link…harsh conditions in a grabber and wspr world ..
With a break in the weather, power was increased 3dB to 400 watts round 22:00z, at this point one of the UK monitoring stations closed, leaving myself and it was hoped Joe, on frequency. notably Joe’s 136 beacon was not running that night ..the only good sign up till then …With no further UK or EU decodes other than mine, the test ended 0020z
Followed one of those silent periods, with no web reporting, this was a real vintage attempt using a modern system.
The next day ... Possibly not totally unexpected came a email

Hi Graham,
I hope the attached resukts in a smiley for you and Gary!
73 es tnx! Joe

Using the new OPERA data mode, Gary had sent G4WGT and had been decoded by VO1NA six times in a 2 hour time window, at a signal level of some -30 dB using a TX period of only 8 minuets over a distance of 3500K with round 400 watts to a 12mtr vertical, defiantly something to sing about !.
Definitely one for the scrap book !
73 - Graham